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Hearts Charm Bracelet

Hearts Charm Bracelet


This Hearts Charm Bracelet is from my Heirloom Collection of sterling silver, hand stamped keepsakes....sentimental and sweet...perfect for a mom, grandmother, daughters, grandchildren, aunt, or godmother. Certain to put a smile on someone's face whenever it's worn or noticed.

This bracelet includes 3/4" sterling silver hearts, hand stamped with your children's names and swarovski crystal birthstones.

This is a very light-weight bracelet....not heavy. I wear mine all the time, and forget I have it on. Delicate~

***Only 6 letters will fit across each heart. If names are too long, I suggest just having a Block letter initial on each one***

***The double-link chain is stronger and recommended for over 4 charms***

Number of Hearts:
Name and Birthstone for each Heart ordered:
Chain Type:
Chain Length: