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Polish Pads For Hand Stamped Jewelry

Polish Pads For Hand Stamped Jewelry


Need more polish pads? After many requests, we now offer a 10-pack so you can keep your hand stamped jewelry keepsakes from RoseCreekCottage looking perfect! These pads are effective even after they look 'dirty'!

This listing includes 10 pro polish pads - 2x2"

These pad instantly remove tarnish and gives your precious metals a bright shine.

Instructions: Make sure your jewelry is dry. Rub polish pad gently over the surfaces. It will become bright and shiny once again!

Pads are reusable many time- use the front and back side until the whole pad is tarnished before using a new one. It is still good even when appearing black.

Never put water on the pad or use on wet jewelry.

*Not recommended for silver *plated or gold *plated items.